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MatineeTranslation isn’t just about speaking your audience’s language – it’s about being able to adapt and interpret your messages, so that they fit the culture of each market.

Digital TV and social media make it easy to reach a global audience instantly, but it’s vital that you engage a trusted provider to localise your messages consistently. Your message must be relevant and engaging for it to reach your targeted market and be successful.

Connect with your audience

MatineeBecause what you say, and how you say it, is important, your messages require careful and creative translation. Let’s say you’ve created your message. Unfortunately, with so many cultural differences, what might be funny for a UK audience might not work with an audience in the Middle-East. In a worst-case scenario, it could cause offence.

Matinée will work with you to help meet the expectations of your intended market. Taking care to uphold your messages’ core concepts, make sure they’re culturally relevant and appropriate, and receive maximum exposure.

A trusted supplier for all your voice-over, subtitling & translation agency needs

MatineeMatinée multilingual is an audiovisual translation agency, voice-over agency and subtitling company. A one-stop shop helping you project and maintain the right image internationally. Translating video is our passion.

Unlike other voice-over agencies we produce all types of audio, video and multimedia content. We’re capable of translating video and animation in a wide range of software packages, such as: AVID, Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Flash, Camtasia, and many more.

We work in over 80 different languages, and have worked as an audiovisual translation agency, at our current site in Reading, for over 25 years. We have access to thousands of native voice-over artists, translators, transcriptionists, subtitlers from all over the world. And our highly competent team of in-house audio engineers and video editors will make sure your message looks good and sounds great.

Unlike other translation agencies, we can also create video content from scratch, helping you to find the right image to convey your message, and we have a number of packages available to suit any client budget.

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Creative Translation

Transcribe audio and translate voice-over scripts, graphics and animations.

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Subtitling Services

Subtitle all media, and in all languages for Internet, DVD or TV Broadcast use.

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Voice-Over Agency

Cast and record over 2,000 voice artists in 80+ languages.

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Video Production

Produce affordable web video and animations in any language.

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Matinée Multilingual also offers the following services:

Transcription of audio and video programmes / Translation of brochures and marketing collateral / Presentation design, translation and publishing / Websites design and translation / E-Learning course translation / CD-Rom, DVD-Rom design, production, translation and duplication. Voice-Over Agency, Subtitling Services, Video Translation.

For a free consultation, please call +44 (0) 118 958 4934, email: project@matinee.co.uk or use the Live Chat feature on the website for an immediate response!

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