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All the latest industry news from Matinée Multilingual

What’s Your International Reputation Like?

It used to be that a company’s reputation was a very local thing that no-one outside of their customers in the same postcode area probably knew much about. In many cases, the worst that could happen was that the local gossip could let everyone in the neighbourhood know about their... Read More

A Look at Every Zelda on Every Nintendo – Infographic

At the Matinée studios we’re getting very excited about the release of both the Nintendo Switch game console and it’s launch title The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.  Breath of the Wild will be the first game in the Zelda franchise to feature voice acting. We can’t wait to hear the Zelda characters... Read More

A Quick and Amusing Guide to Slang in Spanish

How to Feel Natural and Completely Confident About Using Colourful Colloquialisms in Spain and Latin America. So, you want to speak Spanish like a local? The good news is that it is relatively easy to add some tasty words that liven up your Spanish. In fact, you can soon get... Read More

The Difference Between a Male and Female Voice Over

The voice talent you choose for your product often goes a long way in determining the level of acceptance of that product among consumers. While choosing a male or female voice over artist is vital to crafting a brand personality for your product, there are several factors to consider before making... Read More

Localisation and How it Affects Your Profit Margin

The ultimate goal of all businesses is to make profit. This is why brands heavily invest on any activity that can guarantee an increase on the balance sheet. One method that greatly affects the profit margin of your business is localisation and we’ll explain why. Several businesses are turning to localisation as... Read More
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