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How to increase your audience with inclusive content

When major players like Facebook and YouTube are adapting their platforms, you know change is underway. But the latest top tips to boost engagement and views are so much more than just another trend. Inclusivity describes the initiative to create or adapt internet content to be enjoyed by everyone, regardless... Read More

7 Ways to make your Facebook Ad 2020-ready

The recent Facebook statistics are astounding. 80% of all internet users are members of the social networking site, which amounts to a whopping 2.23 billion users. Every day, 1.23 billion people log on to check their news feed, with many users accessing the app multiple times a day. The average... Read More

How to create viral content

We can all remember our favourite viral video. The one you saw at work and instantly had to send to your friends. Whether it’s the over-confident comedy of the Old Spice man, the infectious silliness and dance moves of Psy’s Gangnam style, or closer to home, the annual sob-fest that... Read More

5 times a translation changed the course of history

Nowadays you would be forgiven for thinking that human translation is a dying art. When we all have devices in our pockets that contain translation technology capable of interpreting audio or text within a few seconds, the world feels smaller and more accessible. But the reality is that whilst those... Read More

5 Things to consider when creating your e-learning audio

Whether it’s onboarding a new employee or demystifying a complex university topic, e-learning is on the rise. This is no surprise given the emergence of remote working and ever-increasing access to high-speed internet. It is estimated that the global corporate e-learning market will achieve revenue of $31 billion by the... Read More

The Art of Localisation

As the world gets smaller and global markets more accessible, it has never been more important to understand the art of localisation and what it can mean for your business. 56.2% of consumers say that receiving information in their own language is more important than price when making purchasing decisions.... Read More
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