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The Walking Dead ways to say zombie header image

10 Words for ‘Zombies’ used on The Walking Dead

Recently we helped out a local secondary school and took in one of their pupils for work experience. We were delighted to welcome 16 year old Dylan into our office for a week!

Dylan helped out with a bunch of creative ideas and came up with the fantastic concept for this infographic. It’s based on alternative names for ‘zombies’ that we’ve heard in The Walking Dead and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of gory entertainment.

The zombie thriller will air season 8 in the US on the 22nd of October on AMC, and the following day in the UK on Fox. Let the countdown commence!

Fire over a tweet to let us know what ‘zombie’ words we have missed below!

10 words for 'zombies' used on The Walking Dead from Matinee Multilingual

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