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Work experience for a 16 year old at Matinée Multilingual

What Happened When a 16 Year Old Came to Matinée For Work Experience

Dylan is a sixteen year old game expert who joined us at Matinée for a one week work experience placement (during his summer holidays may I add; now that’s one motivated teenager)! His hobbies include gaming, art and snowboarding. He was intrigued about the voice over industry, especially how we connect with the game companies and provide character voices. He joined Jade in the Glasgow office to learn more about the role of marketing within the voice over industry.

Dylan at the officeDylan answered a few questions at the end of every day which you can check out below.


Hey Dylan, how did you get on in your first day?

I got on well, I learned about a few new tools such as Google Analytics and AdWords that are essential when trying to market online. I also learned about website statistics that allow your business’s website to get ranked higher on Google and improve clicks. Always having something to do was nice as well, even as a work experience it felt like the work I was doing was meaningful and was having an impact on the business.

What was the most interesting thing you learned today?

The most interesting thing I learned today was the level of detail that the tools such as Google Analytics offer, and how you can use that data to improve your website. From capturing the right audience to retaining a lower bounce rate.

Is there anything that you worked on today that surprised you?

In the first day not much has immediately surprised me. Apart from how relaxed and friendly the office environment is.


What would you like to do in your future career and why?

In the future I would like to become a Game’s Designer, maybe even have my own company. Why? Well because I enjoy creating and playing games. As an end goal I would like to be someone that aids the growth of the games industry in Scotland as it is still very small despite companies like Rockstar North. This is causing us as a country to fall behind in technological advancements in the creative industry.

Do you think marketing will help in your future career?

Marketing is something that can be applied in any kind of business, learning how to use marketing tools will become very useful. Especially if I go on to start my games company. So far working in the office has begun to expand these skills at a rapid rate.

What did you enjoy doing most at work today?

I mostly enjoyed creating ideas for potential info-graphics and future interactive activities for the social media community. I also enjoy learning about the tools used to prospect leads when trying to find potential clients such as LinkedIn.


Where would go first if you wanted to research something that you’d potentially buy and why?

That would depend on the product. If it was related to a family member in any way I’d ask if they had heard of it to gain more insight. If not I’d look it up on YouTube, if I couldn’t find anything there I’d look it up on Google.

As we know you are massively into games. Where do you typically find out about new games?

I follow media pages such as PC Gamer and Gamasutra. I also follow many YouTube channels that cover a mix of indie and triple AAA titles.

You also know a lot about the ins and outs of YouTube – where did you learn all this?

The internet is a great place; I learned most of it online, through various articles, blog posts and videos. I slowly picked up things myself and when I saw tips that worked well I thought of other ways that could help boost my performance on the platform. Learning from my own mistakes was also a big part of the process.


What has been the most exciting thing you’ve done today?

The most exciting thing I did today was make a snapchat geo-filter for the Voice Over Workshop using Photoshop. It turned out great actually.

What has been the most useful exercise you’ve learned this week?

The most useful, hmmm, that would probably be, analysing the website and advertisement data then formatting it into a more readable format. Through this I learned what each variable meant.

And the last for today, how cool are the team at Matinée? Answer carefully…

Haha, the team are chilled, fun, and easy to talk to and down to earth. Would be great colleagues if I were to work here long term


How important are a company’s social media pages to you?

To me they mean a lot. It’s a company’s main way of reaching younger audiences. If they are not to a good standard it can turn off a lot of newcomers as they think the company may be unprofessional or not very modern.

What game company do you think has done really well with one of its character voices?

Overwatch 100%. Overwatch has probably been the most successful with their voices. They clearly communicate the character they are playing and truly resonate with their personality. The Voice Artists are also very involved with the community, they definitely love their job.

Have you learned anything valuable today that you think you could use in the future?

A lot of what I was taught and talked about before will be very valuable in any job I go into (hopefully games development). Learning how to prospect companies is something I see being very useful and the analytics of the social media pages and websites is also something I see as useful in the future.

Thanks Dylan, we all hope that you had a great week with the team at Matinée. It seems like you’ve learned loads in just one week (even some fun facts about avocados) and we wish you all the best in the future!