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3 Lessons Any Business Can Learn from Brazil’s World Cup Defeat

The world watched as the home nation crashed out of the World Cup last night in a humiliating 7-1 defeat to Germany.  The humiliation Brazil suffered was compounded by it being the most tweeted about sporting event in history.

There is no doubt that the Germans were the stronger team throughout the championship and deserve their place in the final, but what went so spectacularly wrong for Brazil?

1 – Leadership

Brazil has not played with their usual fluid & stylish flare in this World Cup.  But their captain Tiago Silva’s command of the back line made them a strong unit that has weathered some tough competition to reach the semi-finals.  His strong leadership was notably absent against Germany.  Brazil looked disoriented and their lack of direction was their ultimate downfall.  Tiago would have rallied the players and changed tactics.  In business it’s the same.  Leaders need to be in the trenches with their team, setting the example.

2 – Talent

Another absentee from Brazil’s squad last night was their star man and poster boy for the World Cup, Neymar.  It was clear throughout the tournament that the team were relying on his talent to produce ALL the solutions.  Talent is crucial to the success of any team but in Brazil’s case they didn’t have enough.  In business, finding a superstar sales manager will certainly improve your profits but make sure he has your full support and that he’s showing the rest of the sales team how it’s done.  Otherwise your business could find itself in competition with the superstar who was scoring hat tricks for YOU all last season!

3 – Planning

One of Brazil’s most evident weaknesses against Germany was their complete lack of structure.  The plan was wrong.  Brazil’s formation was clearly a poor choice to face the Germans and they didn’t adapt quickly enough to prevent Germany’s early onslaught.  And in business a bad plan will leave you with voluminous holes that the competition will exploit.  Even the best laid plans may need to adapt to change.  External factors such as the weather, economy, or new technology could all have a serious impact on your existing business.   Always look to the future, and always plan for change.