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3 ways audio translation and video content could benefit your business

Creating valuable, shareable video content is one of the most effective ways for businesses to spread their message on a global scale. Video translation services allow you to go one step further by personalising the experience with localised scripts. Whilst subtitles and captioning are perfect for ‘talking head’ videos, animated explainer videos and show-reels offer a great opportunity for full audio translation. Here are three ways audio translation could boost the effectiveness of your video content:

Get your videos seen by a wider audience

By uploading different versions of the same video featuring audio translations, you can unlock a whole new online audience. Each time you add a video with a foreign title, description and tags, you’re opening the content up to a new set of search terms. When an individual searches in their own language, they are more likely to find your translated video than its English equivalent. By working with a voice-over agency, the effort for you is minimal but your overseas customers will really appreciate it.

International recognition

Many large companies are proud to operate worldwide and receive recognition for doing so. Businesses enjoy identifying with markets from across the globe but you don’t need to have an office in each country to achieve this. Localising your marketing videos with audio translation is a quick and easy way to recognise your global customers, even if you’re still relatively small. Remember, it’s not just foreign customers who will see these videos. Your local viewers will also see that you’ve created foreign language options, showcasing your international company culture.

Get a fresh perspective

When sharing your content on social media platforms, you’ll naturally begin to generate conversations in the language of your viewers. This may take the form of comments submitted underneath a video, or feedback left on your website after a video post. Either way, you’ll gain valuable insight into the opinions of your international audience. While you’ve probably spent a lot of time designing your company’s brand message, have you considered how it translates into other languages and cultures? Engaging with your global viewers, through localised video content, could offer you a fresh perspective you wouldn’t otherwise have received.