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8 Ways To Make Money as a Student

Student life can be pretty awesome but one of the drawbacks is the lack of funds in your bank account. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Yes you could get a part time job for minimum wage and respect to that, everyone needs to start somewhere but there are other options.

The great thing about being a student is the flexibility, your classes are not usually a full day of 9-5 so you can spare some hours on one or all of these alternative suggestions to earn some extra bucks! Check out our 8 ways to make money when you are a student.

  1. Freelance work

If you have a specialised talent or hobby then why not make a business out of it and the great thing about going freelance is you can run it your way without anyone telling you what to do.

If you speak another language then list yourself on a site for private tutoring or even teach your native language to foreigners. Do you have a talent for hair or make up? Create a space or rent a chair in a salon for clients and promote your skills and services online and through social media.

Ways To Make Money as a Student

Freelance hairdresser & make up artist promoting on social media


  1. Airbnb and Blablacar

If you have an extra bedroom and are interested in meeting new and diverse people or have empty seats in the car during your next trip then you could make a healthy extra income by essentially selling the space.

Studies show that by seeing a name, a photo and a rating makes both users and owners feel safer. We have stopped trusting institutions and started trusting strangers. There has been a shift in trust behaviour in recent years and technology is embracing that. Rachel Botsman – Trust Researcher.


Who would you trust on this ride share?


  1. Scholarships

Keep your eyes out for scholarships as they are offers all around you! Some are offering jobs, some are for research and some are for money. There will usually be a benefit for private businesses offering scholarships so they are more than likely happy to offer something big. There is also less competition from students applying to private and external scholarships as most students only apply to the universities and colleges. They are a great financial help during this costly time of your life so apply to as many as you can.

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  1. Be an extra

Find some casual work by becoming an extra. It’s even more impressive if you land yourself a spot in your favourite series or an interesting film. Game of Thrones often look for extras around top filming spots in Spain and Ireland. It could also unexpectedly lead you into new career opportunities in the acting world and the pay isn’t too bad either, around £70 ($85) for a day’s work.

  1. UpWork and Fiverr

If you have certain skills, like creating graphics, proof-reading and editing, blog writing, video editing, know your way around Photoshop and even voice acting then you can make money. You can advertise your freelance services on sites such as UpWork.com or Fiverr.com and let the suppliers find you. The great thing is you can adjust your prices to suit you on you based on reviews, experience and demand.

Ways To Make Money as a Student on Upwork

Freelancers on UpWork have a range of skills, experience and costs

  1. Reviews and Surveys

Your opinions and views are valuable to many companies, so valuable that they will pay you for them.

It won’t make you rich but by filling out a 5 – 10 minute online survey form you could make up to £5 ($6) and for a detailed review around £8 ($10).

Check out: YouGov, Valued Opinions, My Survey, User Testing and Qmee.

  1. Get Noticed on Video

It doesn’t take expensive equipment or a degree in media to become a YouTube star or to go viral on Facebook these days. If you have something entertaining to show, can demonstrate ‘how to’ tricks or have educational insight on a particular subject then set up a camera and start uploading.

If you create enough attention, you can set up your YouTube channel to monetise your viewers. You may also be contacted by brands looking for you to sponsor their products and services for an additional supplement.

Check out internet sensations Cian Twomey, Brandon CarterKayley Melissa and Lucy Condesa, they not only gain millions of viewers but keep them coming back.

English with Lucy is a pretty simple concept, teaching English as a foreign language and yet this video reached over 1 million views!

  1. Pet-sitter

Do you know how much the average persons spends on their pets a year? Pet industry spending was over $60B last year. Yes, it’s a lot, think of it as an expensive hobby. Pet owners want their pets to be loved and cared for at all times and they can’t always be there to do it. This is where your flexibility has a fantastic advantage.

If you are an animal lover why not offer up dog walking services in your local area while owners are at work or get paid to visit some cute little kittens while their families are on holiday. The more experience you get, the more you will be recommended, trust is another big factor when it comes to the pet caring service.
There are loads more ideas out there, these are just some starting suggestions to get you thinking. Not every concept will work for you but you will have an ability, skill or service within you that someone else is willing to pay for so find out what your unique selling point is and flaunt it. And with the continuous advances of technology, making money as a student has never been easier.

Good luck!