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Donald Trump Caricature

Official: Donald Trump is Even More Hilarious with a Cockney Accent

Whatever you think about politics in the US, you have to hand it to our friends from across the pond – they sure know how to make it entertaining. And with the comedy stylings of George W. Bush Jr all but forgotten, you can’t help feeling the White House is due another jokester come election day.

Enter Donald Trump, the multibillionaire presidential candidate who is causing laugh riots (amongst other things) as he takes his campaign across the States. And just when you thought the Republican juggernaut couldn’t get any more hilarious, one British comedian and voice actor gives the potential president-to-be this cockney accent.

Introducing Donald Thump

That’s Mr Trump giving a speech on his campaign trail, but you might notice something a little bit different about the presidential candidate. That’s right, he’s gone all cockney on us. And that’s thanks to some fine voice-over skills from a certain Peter Serafinowicz, whose video parody swiftly went viral on YouTube.

The English comedian, actor and voice-over pro didn’t change any words from the original speech. No, that’s all accredited to yours truly, thanks Trump. But, somehow the former US taupe icon-turned-politician sounds even more hilarious given the ‘apples and pears’ treatment.

And the video went down so well that funny-man Peter felt compelled to upload a sequel, entitled Sophisticated Trump:

Very suave indeed.

And who is this Peter Serafinowicz guy exactly?
Well, we can’t tell you how to pronounce that surname of his, but we can safely say he’s got a bit of a gift for voice acts. Just check out this string of TV presenter impersonations for proof:

He also had a grand total of three voice roles in Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace. Admittedly, this included one droid and all of about two lines from Sith Lord Darth Maul, but who’s counting anyway? Since then, Peter has voiced a series of video games, including Dark Souls II, and supported Simon Pegg in TV sitcoms and the big screen.

You can check out his full CV over at IMDB.com, but sadly the movie database doesn’t consider viral YouTube voice-overs worthy of a spot on filmographies. Never mind Peter, we appreciate your work!