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English voice over studios with ISDN and Source Connect.

Matinée’s English voice over studios have been producing voices for video games, advertisements and corporate video, for studio partners all over the world, for over 25 years.

We’ve been trusted with producing everything; from casting the right English voice over talent; to editing, naming and encoding the audio files.

Now we’re offering our international studio partners more flexibility.  Connect studio-to-studio via ISDN or Source Connect and capture the audio directly in your own studio.  And with Skype you can direct the English voice over face-to-face.  It’s almost as good as being here, but without the expense of flights, and hotels!

With our proximity to London we can also offer a wealth of native voice artists in over 80 other languages.

  • ISDN studio hire is from just £80 per hr.
  • Source Connect studio hire is from just £60 per hr.
  • Voice talent from £100 per hr.

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