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Olivia account manager

Everything You Need To Know About Olivia

Olivia account manager

Olivia has been an Account Manager at Matinée since 2014. She works tirelessly, always putting her client’s needs first and we thought it time to celebrate her achievements with a quick Q&A. Enjoy….

How did you get into the industry?

Well, I did a Masters in Business Management in France with some academic exchanges abroad. I’ve always liked being in multicultural environments and speaking foreign languages. Those qualities made the localisation industry an attractive place to be.

What do you miss about living in France?

French biscuits and sweets. I usually bring some back in my suitcase after visiting my hometown.

Peitits Coeurscarambar-barre-caramel

There’s a joke in every Carambar too – another excuse to eat sweets!

Yum! What’s the coolest part about your job?

Watching videos for a living 🙂

How has your role changed since you started?

I have developed a great portfolio of clients since I started at Matinée 2 years ago. They are mostly translation company clients and marketing agencies who come to us with video projects. I like seeing how the companies grow and change, and it’s always exciting to see their latest campaigns.

What’s the most rewarding project you have ever managed?

I find managing eLearning translation projects is always very rewarding. I’ve gained new technical skills and knowledge about eLearning software such as Storyline and Captivate. These are both top end software packages that our engineers use to localise the eLearning courses produced by our clients.

What would you say makes a quality Account Manager in the localisation industry?

For an Account Manager working in a fast paced environment such as the localisation industry, it’s about constantly balancing the client’s expectations with what the production team can deliver. Making everyone happy is not always easy but we are essentially the bridge and must keep the work flowing through. Making the production process as smooth as possible within the agreed budget is a win for everybody.

Personally, I always address any issues at the quoting stage to make sure nothing is missed and to avoid unwanted surprises once the project has been approved. Working closely with the dedicated Project Manager is also fundamental to deliver an excellent service to our clients.

How do you kick back and relax?

Going to my favourite restaurants in Glasgow so I don’t have to cook! And I love visiting the beautiful Scottish countryside.

Your favourite country?Olivia account manager

Brazil, I was thrilled to be able to travel there this year. Beautiful landscape and people. I definitely recommend it!

Anything exciting in the pipeline?

*Inside gossip alert* I am now involved in the creation of the French version of our website, which will be released later this year. I will become the dedicated Account Manager for the French market. I’m really excited about it – Watch this space!

So there we have an insight into the mind of Olivia. She really does knows her stuff (I can vouch for her) so if you have any questions about voice overs or what her weirdest project was or maybe just to ask if she would rather be invisible or stop time then drop her a line at Oliviaj@matinee.co.uk