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Five ways your business could benefit from translating into Chinese

If you have a company doing international business, or plans to do so in the future, you might be considering having some of your key business elements translated into other languages. As the fastest growing market in the world, China offers businesses a wealth of opportunities, so thinking about translating into Chinese would make sense. Here we look at five ways in which translating your key business documents, products and services into Chinese could help increase your company’s revenue.

1. Accessing business culture

China is developing as one of the most productive and successful business cultures. The number of not just millionaires but billionaires is rapidly increasing. If you want to develop your company’s place in the world, hitting the Chinese markets and tapping into their incredible workforces and business experts might not be a bad idea.

2. Better relationships

No matter what products or services you provide, or use to run your business, the chances are that something has been made in China or the parts used to construct it have. If you want to tap into these suppliers, however, it helps to speak their language. Many suppliers speak English but with such high demand for their services, they might not need to any longer.

3. Increase visitors to your website

If you are planning to expand globally, your websites may need to be presented in multiple languages. This will help to maximise profitability from these markets. This doesn’t necessarily mean translating your entire website, you could include a section that uses Chinese voice-over to create an audio translation or use Chinese subtitling to produce video translations.

4. Look professional

If you’re forming new business relationships, you want to make sure that you’re giving the right impression. Engaging corporate translation services ensures your documents and products look as professional as you do.

5. Reach wider audiences

The way that you package your product or service means everything. If you’re planning to sell to further afield markets like China, it helps if you present to buyers in a language they understand.

How can Matinée help?

Matinée specialises in the production and translation of audio, video and multimedia content. Whether you are looking to translate business correspondence or website multimedia, our talented and experienced translators can ensure that you are communicating your ideas, products and services to the people that matter.