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Matinee Blog

Work Pairing: Giving young people a head start in the audio-visual translation industry

Our Managing Director has always encouraged a working environment where young people can thrive and improve their skills – whether it’s in project management, audio production or animation – and as a result, Matinée has helped many young people start their career in the production industry.

We were recently approached by Bracknell Forest Council to take part in their Work Pairing Scheme. The Work Pairing Scheme is an opportunity for employers to support young people in the local community by giving them a 3 – 6 month 2 days per week placement where they can learn about the realities of work and obtain vital work experience for their CVs.

So why did we choose to become part of the Work Pairing Scheme?

Our Sales Director, Alistair believes that “the Work Pairing Scheme is a positive way for Matinée to give something back to the local community.  Our existing staff are open to questions and encourage new starts to better themselves and learn the skills they need to kick-start their careers.  We’ve been impressed by the enthusiasm and energy young people bring to the business and many have gone on to good jobs or start their own business.  It’s exciting to be a part of their story.”

We spoke to our trainee, Seb about his experiences so far with Matinée and he told us…

“I am really enjoying my time here and the scheme is a great alternative to theory based studying. Sixth form just wasn’t for me and I am lucky to have been given the opportunity to learn in a practical environment in an industry that I’m interested in. I came to Matinée looking to improve my video editing skills as this is where I can see myself working in the future. But through the shadowing and hands on experience I’ve had since I arrived, I am also really enjoying learning about audio editing and subtitling. Matinée have really great facilities and I’m learning lots about various software and using the experience of the Matinée engineers to improve my own understanding of this industry. Everyone works well together and the depth of knowledge is really impressive. I speak Finnish and that’s one of the reasons why Matinée stood out for me – I am hoping to also improve my language skills and so far I’ve been in the studio recording my own Finnish voice over!”

This isn’t the first time that Matinée has taken on a trainee. James Lewis started his career with us after being offer a permanent position after completing a short a work experience placement and after 3 successful years at Matinee he has gone on to start his own video production company. We asked James how his experience at Matinée has helped him…

“I worked at Matinee as an audio engineer for 3 years and it was my first audio related job after graduating from university with a degree in Audio and Music Technology. My experience at Matinée helped my career by teaching me how to use my knowledge and expertise in a professional work environment. It taught me how to work within tight timeframes and to how to meet client expectations; it also improved my knowledge of the technical aspects of being a studio engineer – recording, editing, mixing etc. Finally, I learnt the basics of video editing and recording/mixing audio for video, which has led me to where I am now in my career – co-founder of a video production company in Reading, Muddyface Productions Ltd.”

Seb is continuing to work hard and reap the benefits of the Bracknell Forest Council’ Work Pairing Scheme. Nearer the end of his placement, we hope to be able to showcase how much he has learnt in his time with us on our Case Studies section of the website – we might even let you listen to his Finnish voice over!