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How to Grow Your Video Business – An Essential 5 Step Guide

5 practical ways to get more clients and make more sales as a video production company.

10 years ago, the cost of setting up a video production company was prohibitive. The equipment, and the space to house it could run into tens of thousands of pounds, but as I write this in 2016 the cost of entry is now relatively small: a good quality camera; a laptop; and video editing software won’t cost more than a few thousand pounds. This has allowed many new companies to enter the market in recent years and a flurry of new courses to open at Colleges and Universities.

With the decreased set-up costs and the ever-increasing competition, the cost of video production has fallen significantly. This has led to a boom in online web videos, but it has come at a price. Many video producers are earning significantly less than their counterparts did 10 years ago. Indeed many of the larger production companies-including my own-had to make big changes to stay in business. So we understand the industry and we know how hard it is to compete with the rise of ‘explainer’ style video producers based in India and Eastern Europe.

The good news is we are on your side. And the truth is we want you to survive, grow and flourish because you are our #1 customer.

So here are 5 practical ways you can grow your business.

1. Make The Most of SEO


You probably get a dozen emails a day from ‘SEO experts’ offering to fix your website, but have you ever considered they may actually have a point? It’s all very well going to networking events and dishing our business cards but it goes without saying that it’s so much easier if people find you. And where do they turn? Google of course! So do yourself a big favour, hire a local SEO partner to help you with optimising your website to attract local customers. It needn’t cost the earth.

2. Introduce yourself


This sounds so obvious, but it’s true – people respond to people, not logos or company slogans; especially when you are offering a creative service. What better way for to introduce yourself than with a Vlog. This busy little buzz word has ultimately become popular because as human beings we are nosey (or is that just me?). Tell your audience who you are and something interesting so they can relate a face to the brand. Add a dash of your slick editing skills and upload to your newly optimised website. Easy. For inspiration, check out the Vlog’s Alan Gardner makes, we love Alan.

3. Identify your BEST customer and replicate


I’ve been in sales many years and identifying the best customers and replicating them has always been the easiest method to increase revenue. Get to know what your customer does, ask questions and research them online. Then find out who their competitors are.

Why? They are likely to be set up similarly, have similar budgets and requirements. So the demand is already there. Make a list of your top 5, 10 or 20 best customers and then find out who their competitors are and you’ll quickly end up with a long list of companies to contact. Do it right now! Then you just need to identify who to talk to, LinkedIn is a very powerful tool for this. It is certainly worth the premium membership price.

4. Think global


Get connected with International or European Marketing Managers at corporates. These people aren’t just responsible for hiring a UK video producer to make the video, they are also often responsible for localising the messages for a global audience. Why is this important? Simple, instead of making one version of the video for a local manager, you could be responsible for creating 5, 10, 20 or even 40+ versions for a global audience!   This is possibly the easiest way to increase profits.

5. Go one step further – offer translations

Cara D

As a video producer the thought of selling translation services probably brings you out in a cold sweat. Yet with our help it’s easy.

Many corporates hire a creative agency, who in turn hires a video producer to make the original video. Then they hire a separate translation agency to localise it for global use. This is expensive and time consuming.

With our help and by following our guide, you could work for the corporate direct. Get a meeting and ask them about localisation. Most video producers don’t even think about this, but it’s so important. If the video is to be localised, shouldn’t the creative genius behind it, know this may happen? Surprisingly most don’t. At the very least the knowledge may influence the imagery you use, or how much spacing you allow in your edit.

So bring us to the table at the conceptual stage and we can help you and your customer. The customer wins because their overall costs and production time goes down. You win because you add value and increase your margins. And we win because we get to do more of what we love doing – helping video producers with translations, voice-overs and subtitling.

I’d love to hear more about your business, drop me a line to start a conversation, it could lead to some new opportunities for us both.

Warm regards,

Alistair Langfield


Check out this video to see how we helped Muddy Boot Productions:

Bruce Corby from Muddy Boot quoted:
“I’ve worked with Matinee for over 20 years now and have always had excellent work and service from the great people there. They have subtitled and dubbed videos (as well as translating the occasional powerpoint or document) into numerous languages for me – too many to list – but safe to say whenever a client has asked me if they can have their video translated into a language or dialect I’ve not heard of, Matinee have never failed to get it translated for me.”

What other video production companies said:

Laura Chritchlow – Dependable Productions
“I’ve used Matinee for many years and always find them very professional. I have, over time, compared them with other companies just to check they are still offering value for money. They still come out the cheapest. They are so good to deal with and always respond very quickly to my enquiries . I urge you to use them!”

Sarita Compton – FooCo Videos
“I was very pleased with the service I received from Matinee, they provided us with two Arabic voice overs at short notice and were very accommodating.”

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