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How to keep Video Production Cost-Effective when you have a Global Audience

When you have a global audience to target, content becomes an expensive investment – nothing more so than video production for your marketing campaigns. One video is expensive enough to produce, in just one language, so you have to plan your budget carefully to get the job done.

It’s tough but you have a number of options to consider and, with the right planning, video can be done the cost-effective way.


The ideal scenario

Okay, so the ideal scenario would go something like this: you understand quality comes at a cost and you have the budget to create independent video campaigns for each target audience you have. Your friends in Mexico get to see a video created for Mexicans – in Mexican Spanish with Mexican actors, voice artists or whatever else your script requires. Your prospects in Spain get the same attention to detail, as do your Dutch, Russian, Japanese and any other audience within your scope.

Sadly, this is rarely the case for businesses outside of the big brand elite, which means you have to get a bit more creative (and cost-effective) if you want to rise to the top of your industry and give the big guys something to think about.


Translation, voice-overs and subtitles

The most cost-effective way to create global video content is to take one video and use this to target everyone. This is only possible with professional translation and either voice-overs or subtitles – or even a mix of both.

For more info on whether voice-overs or subtitles are best for your video, take a look at one of our previous blog posts. But we don’t recommend you leave this decision until after your video is finalised. Just like any global marketing campaign, you should have everything firmly planned out before the cameras start rolling.


Global video strategies on a budget

We already said it takes some creativity to make global video work on a budget, and this should start at the early planning stage. If you simply produce material for one target audience and stick subtitles or a voice-over on top of that, then you risk underachieving with your video campaign.

Instead, it’s better to storyboard, script and produce your video with every audience in mind so you can create a single video, designed for a global campaign. This could include the decision to scrap on-screen actors altogether in favour of voice-overs in each language or maybe you record certain scenes with different actors for each audience, still leaving the rest of the video relevant to everyone.

Localisation plays a massive role here, and you may find you can make tweaks to engage specific audiences in a cost-effective way – as long as you sit down and get strategic from day one.