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kathryn voice over artist

How Kathryn Fell Into Voice Acting

Kath voKathryn is one of our favourite female voice artists. She has over 15 years experience in the industry and one of the coolest background stories ever. She was actually born and raised in Hong Kong and can actually speak a little Cantonese. Her voice is super diverse and she can do anything from little kid’s characters and Japanese anime to smooth PR sounds and news reporting.

But being that interesting means we want to know more.
Enter Kathryn.

What first interested you in becoming a voice artist?

I took a gap year straight out of high school in Hong Kong and sort of fell into it by accident. I started out dubbing old Kung Fu movies into English and that led on to other voice work. Before I knew it I was working every day on cartoons, kids toys, educational materials – anything that needed a voice.

What was life like growing up in Hong Kong?

It was great fun. I still try and go back as often as I can. Warm weather, great schools, amazing food and good friends. Oh it was tough!

It sure sounds it… What’s the weirdest project you have ever worked on?

I’ve done a few strange ones, but I think this is the strangest:

There was one educational cartoon, originally in Japanese, about the digestive tract. Every organ had a face and a voice. Then there was a section on constipation and I had to be a little poo that said, “Let me out!!”

Tell us a #MatinéeFunFact?

There are 6 Shakespeare plays that begin with the letter “M”. Can you name them all?

Ahh struggling to get all six here… Anyway what’s the best part about being a voice talent?kathryn studio silly

I love the whole process. My favourite thing is singing songs, especially using a character voice.

And, going to work in my home studio in my PJs is an added bonus!

Do you find it strange hearing your voice on television ads?

It’s quite fun! I love that my niece and nephew have toys with my voice on them on the other side of the world. Even if they think that Auntie Kath “lives in the toy”.

Too cute! What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

As well as doing voiceovers I sing with The Haywood Sisters and teach yoga.

I try to spend as much time as I can with my dog, Daisy.

How would you describe the interior design in your home?

Right now we have the “Urban-builders-cluttered-dust” look going on as we’re having work done in the garden and inside the flat. It’s all a bit of a mess – the barbeque is in the lounge at the moment.

Eventually it’ll be clutter free and we’re going for a 1950s inspired look.



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