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Know Your Slang? Quiz Answers here…

We hope you enjoyed doing our Know Your Slang? quiz, we certainly received lots of great feedback!

Most people seemed to score 7/10 which is a great effort and many of you have been asking where you went wrong so we’ve compiled this blog to give you the answers…

Question 1. Australian

Answer: He wants to go camping in the middle of nowhere!

Question 2.  Geordie

Answer: I’m so hungry, let’s go see if mum has made dinner!

Question 3. Scouse

Answer: I’m getting angry!

Question 4. American

Answer: I need to postpone.

Question 5. Yorkshire

Answer: That’s a surprise!

Question 6. Scottish

Answer: It’s your own fault!

Question 7. Cockney

Answer: I’m tired, I’m going to bed.

Question 8.  Staines

Answer: He just insulted you!

Question 9. Irish

Answer: I’m starving!

Question 10. Welsh

Answer: Let’s go, it’s only a little rain!