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9 Long Distance Relationship Problems

The concept of the long distance relationship certainly isn’t new but it’s undoubtedly growing in popularity in the modern world. This puts a massive emphasis on the importance of language and communication.

Valentine’s Day is that time of year that always creeps up and reminds us of our love lives (whether we like it or not). You hear about all your friends going on their romantic dates, being showered in flowers and chocolates and you are home alone desperately clutching your iPhone. If you have ever suffered a long distance relationship here are 9 amusing problems you can surely identify with.

9. All your friends are in ‘normal’ relationships
Being alone sucks

You find yourself being irrationally annoyed that your friends don’t appreciate how lucky they are that they can see their partner whenever they fancy. Your weekends are also solely dependent on your single friends and you pray that they don’t meet somebody. Please move on swiftly, Valentine’s Day.

8. Travelling isn’t fun anymore

When you have to travel to visit your significant other, it’s not always sangria and tapas and sightseeing. We mean when you have to take a plane, then a bus to the city centre and then a train to the next town and then another bus or subway ride till you arrive at your final destination to visit your significant other. Why has the magic elevator not been invented yet?

7. Things get lost in translation

There are a lot of couples with different nationalities these days (got to love an accent). There’s something really romantic and exotic about that but there are also times they didn’t get the joke from your favourite comedian or you literally have no idea what they are trying to say to you. “I have a surprise for you in the chicken.” he says, and you realise that he means the kitchen.

6. There are too many ways to stay connected…

It is more possible now than ever to stay connected in a long distance relationship, but the number of possibilities can be confusing. You start off by sending a Snapchat, and then you get a Whatsapp, but you switch to Facebook because you have your laptop handy and they reply on Instagram 🙁 Things can get a bit overwhelming and confusing here. Not to mention that your’re always glued to your phone and really over-dramatic when your battery dies.

5. So it’s tempting to overdo it

It’s natural that you will want to know how your other half is doing, but the temptation to know EVERYTHING can take over. When you start checking the last time your partner was online or start putting a timer on how long they take to reply, you know you have gone overboard.

4. You only get to see each other once in a blue moon
kissing titantic

It’s difficult to establish a normal routine: how often you see each other, for how many days, whose turn it is to travel. It takes a lot of planning. Of course this can be an advantage too, not only because you enjoy the freedom and independence but also because intense excitement and happiness takes over when you finally get to see your partner again.

3. You’re even more nervous than usual about talking to the in-laws
Smile and wave boys

Talking to your significant other’s parents can be nerve-wracking enough without a language barrier. Too add to the pressure you might have to communicate with your other half’s family in their own language. But just when you try to communicate using the basic verbs you studied, they assume you are 100% fluent and BOOM you’ve no idea what they’re saying and you’re too embarrassed to admit it.

2. You have first world problems
I hate being an adult

You either have money but no holidays, or holidays but no money. You play around with the idea of quitting your job, giving up on your career and aspirations, saying goodbye to your friends and hoping on the next flight. Then you realise you’re an adult and you have responsibilities. Roll on the next bank holiday.

1. It’s hard to manage your expectation.
Do you love me

Don’t expect it to be plain sailing because there are going to be struggles. That may be due to language barriers or miscommunication or the frustration of being apart for so long. Plus all your friends at home don’t have much experience from a long distance relationship partner so can’t help you with advice or examples.


Whether you have been in a long distance relationship for a long time or just a temporary period you will have to deal with the roller-coaster of emotions for a while.

Remember communication is vital and the use of language can play a huge role in your relationship. Enjoy yourself this Valentine’s weekend. You may not be able to see your other half in person like the rest of your friends, but … LDRs are still great and can totally be worth the hardship.