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Matinée work with the NHS to help new parents

Becoming new parents can be hard and more and more people are using online resources for guidance and information on important aspects of parenthood.

Shout Communications approached us on behalf of the NHS with a set of 9 educational videos to subtitle in English. The videos offer information on a variety of different parenting queries including how and when to introduce your baby to solid foods.

On this occasion the NHS wanted their subtitles to be optional for the viewer so we worked with Shout Communications and delivered a subtitle file per video for the client to then implement into their video editing software. This is similar to the process we follow with our clients who come to us looking for YouTube captions.

You can watch one of the videos on the link below.

How do I introduce my baby to solid foods? NHS Choices


How to start feeding your baby solid food

How to start feeding your baby solid food