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The Impact Of Accents On Advertising

In the UK we have a variety of different accents and dialects within our English language. Many of these accents carry certain stereotypes with them. Whether or not there is any truth behind any of these stereotypes the advertising industry certainly uses our preconceptions to their advantage. At one point... Read More

Know Your Slang? Quiz Answers here…

We hope you enjoyed doing our Know Your Slang? quiz, we certainly received lots of great feedback! Most people seemed to score 7/10 which is a great effort and many of you have been asking where you went wrong so we’ve compiled this blog to give you the answers… Question... Read More

Translating Slang Terms And Colloquialisms: Part 2

Every language has its own ways of conveying particular meanings; words or phrases which are language-specific, or even specific to a particular dialect within a language. These colloquialisms make perfect sense to those using them in their native language; but they can pose real difficulties for anyone trying to translate... Read More

Translating Slang Terms And Colloquialisms: Part 1

Translators often come across slang terms and swear words whilst interpreting text. These can be some of the most difficult terms to translate as they are often language-specific. For example, would a Russian understand the English term ‘enough room to swing a cat’ if it was translated literally into their... Read More

Style options for burnt-in subtitles

When choosing a subtitling style, it is useful to consider where the video will be shown, aesthetic elements already in your video e.g. the background, colours used etc. as well as the technical requirements of your video. We have long since used the following guide to display the options available... Read More

How to say “I Love You” in 22 languages…

It doesn’t matter what language your Valentine speaks, we have given you “I Love You” in 22 of the most popular languages on the planet so go on, tell that someone special how you feel! 1. French: Je t’aime 2. Spanish: Te quiero 3. Italian: Ti amo 4. Portuguese: Eu amo-te 5. German: Ich liebe... Read More

Choosing the best British voice over for your business

Yesterday in our blog we talked about UK accents and how choosing a voice over artist with an accent can amplify your message and resonate with your audience. Today we tell you how this can be achieved. Regional stereotypes dominate all aspects of daily life and therefore hearing a certain regional... Read More