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The Voices Behind The Characters – An Infographic

Whether you’re watching a movie or a TV show, when it comes to animations and cartoons, more often than not, the main characters are voiced by famous actors who you’d recognise in an instant if you were to see them. When it’s only their voice being used, however, it can become a little more difficult. Sometimes, you’re able to instantly identify the actor behind a voice, but with others, you’d never in a million years have guessed who it was! The art of the voice-over really is an interesting one and playing the guessing game of ‘whose voice is that’ can be really frustrating yet be great fun at the same time!

When you pay attention to the end credits on a movie or show, you’ll often be surprised as to who has lent their voice to one or more of the characters and in some instances, stars of the big screen even started their careers as a voice actor.

See How Many You Already Know…

To let you have a go at the guessing game, we’ve put together 15 ‘Voices Behind the Characters’ in the form of an infographic. Some you may know, others maybe not but there’s a few surprises in there!

See how many you already knew…

The Voices Behind The Characters

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