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UK Voice Over Industry – The Challenges of Finding the Right Voice over

The UK voice over industry is stronger than ever, which comes with a number of pros and cons if you’re looking for a voice talent. Firstly, things are more competitive and that means companies like Matinée have to work extra hard to offer the best services at competitive prices – a big plus when you’re after a voice over.

It’s not all good news though, because an influx of agencies, new artists and changing technology make it harder to find the right voice over for your needs.


Know exactly what you need

Not all voice overs are created equally and before you can pinpoint the right artist or agency it’s important you know exactly what you need. You can break down voice overs into a number of categories: instruction, spokesperson, narration and announcer, just to name a few. Each of these come with unique goals and it’s essential you know exactly what you want to say (and achieve) with your voice over.


Finding the right voice

With the UK voice over industry in such good shape there’s no shortage of voice talent in the country. You have plenty of options to choose from and the rise of voice portal websites makes it easy to connect to professionals. However, it’s worth knowing that a voice portal and the artist itself can’t offer you the whole package like a voice over agency could.


More than just a voice over

These days most voice overs require more than an artist and recording process. Unless your voice over is purely for audio purposes you will probably have a visual element to accompany it. Video presentations, animations and even video games rely on voice overs to communicate their message. This is where it pays to hire a voice over agency that specialise in combining footage with voice over.

Find the right agency and their in-house team of voice artists and expert production crew will work alongside each other to create the perfect dialogue for your video or other material. This is precisely what we do here at Matinée, which allows us to keep our rates low without compromising on quality.