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Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day Quiz – Answers here…

We hope you enjoyed our Valentine’s Day quiz!

If you haven’t tested yourself yet play the quiz by clicking here before checking out the answers.

In case you got a few of the questions wrong and you’re wondering what the answers were, all is revealed below!

Question 1. Which language had no word for “love” until the 19th century?

Image of a heart surrounded by flowers

Answer: Japanese

Question 2. Which Italian city receives about 1,000 letters every Valentine’s Day, addressed to Juliet? 

Image of letters tied up in string

Answer: Verona

Question 3. On Valentine’s Day in the US, 90% of their flowers are imported from which two countries? 

Image of colourful flowers

Answer: Columbia/Ecuador

Question 4. Which two countries traditionally don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day? 

Image of a heart

Answer: Sweden/Korea

Question 5. In which city could you expect to pay $487 for a single red rose? 

Image of a single red rose

Answer: Bangkok

Question 6. Which King declared 14th February to be the holiday of St. Valentine’s Day?

Image of a crown

Answer: King Henry VII of England

Question 7. Like the Taj Mahal, which of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was a gift of love from a King to his Queen? 

Image of the Taj Mahal

Answer: The Hanging Gardens of Babylon 

Question 8. The following words a) Agape b) Lufu mean or meant “love” in which languages? 

Image of love written on wood

Answer: Greek & Old English

Question 9. Which country celebrates their Valentine’s Day on January 25th after their patron saint of lovers, St Dwynwen? 

Image of pink heart cupcakes

Answer: Wales

Question 10. Who abolished St Valentine’s Day, along with Hogmany and Halloween as he thought that they were too frivolous and irreligious holidays? 

Image of hearts

Answer: Oliver Cromwell

Question 11. Who was the Greek goddess of love? 

Image of an ancient greek painting

Answer: Aphrodite

Question 12. In Middle English, what does the word “Valentine” actually mean? 

Image of Happy Valentine's Day in writing

Answer: Sweetheart