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Engaging employees through video

The 5 Reasons Video is Winning at Engaging Employees

Today we look at the reasons why more and more businesses are training and educating their employees via video content.


It’s Learning at Work Week and there are many organisations all over the world participating in learning and developing skills in the workplace. And one of the most popular ways to learn these days is through video so let’s find out why it is such a success.

Gone are the day of asking our neighbour for help instead we are typing ‘how to’ into YouTube. In 2015 over 100 Million hours of ‘how-to’ content was watched in North America alone. So it’s a fitting moment to discuss the role of video in training employees and the main reasons to opt in for using video content?

1. Timing

Even in a small company it can be difficult to plan a meeting where everybody is available concurrently. We all know what it’s like trying to plan something and there’s someone on annual leave, or double booked or even if they do confirm and are good to go, they can always get caught up with urgent business.

The great thing about using video for training employees is that you don’t need to synchronize everyone’s schedule, which takes the pressure off (phew). We receive 5 times more information than we did twenty years ago. That’s 174 newspapers worth of data and that’s just in one day (University of Southern California). Video delivers the most relevant content by slicing it up into 3-5 minute clips which is definitely more digestible for the majority of us.

2. It’s Engaging

Goodbye boring PowerPoint slides & bullet points, hello video interactivity! And there are loads of ways you can portray your video; through animation, using actors or real life scenarios.

The Metropolitan Police teamed up with an interactive film company, in an effort to decrease knife crime in the UK and they created videos where the viewer selects the ending. This method allowed the end user to see the video through a first person perspective and choose their own pathway – keeping them in the learning experience.

3. Learning styles

The three most common types of learners are:

• Visual – They learn by seeing and prefer the use of images or graphics to illustrate certain points
• Auditory – They learn best by hearing; listening and speaking situations allow them to understand new information
• Kinaesthetic – They learn by doing and getting involved; they will understand new concepts by getting hands on and figuring things out through their own actions.

Using video for learning can incorporate all three of these learning styles if interactive methods are utilised. It also means that people can learn at their own pace; feel more at ease; and repeat the training as many times as they please.

4. Reaching out

Your company may have more than one office and this is where e-learning’s main benefit stands out. And what if your company has offices dotted around the globe with employees of multiple languages? It’s now you really start to understand the practicalities of video in training.

Matinée is a pretty handy voice over agency that specialise in e-learning videos. Whether you need translation in a language as common as Spanish or as niche as Tiger; they will easily sort you out and incorporate that voice into your video.

So if your company is looking for a voice over or subtitles and captions in a variety of languages you can be reassured that important company message will reach its way around the globe. The same idea will be communicated internationally without language barriers, misinterpretations or human error costing the business.

See how we helped Tesco use subtitles to translate their business code of conduct in Korean.

5. Saving the business money

Apart from the self-explanatory; saving money on transports, meals and accommodation, you may also save a big chunk of your budget by passing up on the expert trainers. It is still possible to hire specialist trainers to come in and present your desired topic but is it;

1. The most cost effective method? And
2. The most valuable way for employees to retain information?

The norm for companies now is to receive 90 percent return on their time and money investments once learners have access to the eLearning materials. Considering that digital information is extensively available, a vast number of staff can benefit, increasing the value side of the equation.

There are many benefits of using videos to train employees but emphasis also needs to be given to the quality in the video production side of things as well. We are all accustomed to seeing numerous amounts of video content on a daily basis and even if we are not conscious of it – we are judging each and every one.

We know quality media when we see it – and hear it. So don’t let employees be distracted by a naff video production. Choose a quality production company that understands training.

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