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Matinee Blog

English Voice Casting and Recording for The Scourge Outbreak

Matinée had the pleasure of working with Tragnarion Studios in 2010 to cast and record the English voice actors for The Scourge Project.  A co-operative third person shooter game released on PC/Steam.

We had a lot of fun casting the voices and worked closely with Tragnarion to capture the best performances from the actors. We also experimented with different audio FX to give the radio chatter a unique feel.  Eventually the audio was edited and delivered as thousands of individual .wav files.

Omar Salleh, Game Director at Tragnarion Studios said:

“The collaboration with Matinée for the voice over production for The Scourge Project was my first experience with voice-over work, and it was a very rewarding and interesting experience. I would jump at the chance to work with the Matinée team and their voice actors again in the future.”

We’ve just learned that The Scourge Project has now been re-released as Scourge Outbreak on Xbox Live Arcade for 800 Microsoft Points.  Check out the official website

Check out the teaser trailer.