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Expanding to overseas market

What’s the Hardest thing about Expanding into an Overseas Market?

Many of our clients, here at Matinée, are growing businesses and looking to expand to an overseas market. We often like to ask them what the hardest part about cracking an international market is, because we get some fascinating answers.

A common theme is the challenge of marketing to an overseas audience – a new demographic that often comes with a different language, cultural background and a range of other factors to consider.


Why is it so hard to crack an international market?

None of this comes as a surprise to the guys at Matinée, because we deal with this kind of situation on a regular basis. It’s our business to understand the barriers you face, once you cross borders, and much of our work involves translating audio material for brands with bigger ideas.

So we know it’s not easy, which is why we’re so meticulous about the voice actors we use, and even built our own voice over recording and video studios. When it comes to marketing any business or product, you need to know your audience better than anyone; which is no easy task when you speak different languages. And it gets even tougher when you deal with a new set of ideological values.


This is where translation and localisation come in

The proof of just how hard it can be to crack an international market is in how many big brands famously get it wrong. But, regardless of how big the brand may be, the ones that come unstuck always make the same mistake. Either they settle for poor translation or underestimate the importance of cultural background.

Accurate translation is a given, but connecting with a new audience goes beyond words alone. You also need to understand them on a deeper level before you can win them over, and this is where localisation comes in. From the colours and symbols in your logo to the models in your advertising campaigns, everything has to be culturally relevant. Aside from not offending your audience or embarrassing yourself, you’ll need this understanding to build an emotional connection with your new market and sell your services.