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Estonian subtitling services

Matinée Multilingual offers an affordable Estonian subtitling service for your business video content. We've more than 25 years’ experience in delivering TRANSLATIONS, VOICE-OVERS, SUBTITLES & CAPTIONS in over 80 languages.

Our Estonian subtitling service level will delight you. All the work is done in-house, at our base in Reading, apart from translations which we subcontract to in-country linguistic experts. With Matinée you are buying our service quality and our expertise.

We guarantee to deliver the best, no nonsense Estonian subtitles service anywhere in the UK. Whatever the challenge, we guarantee to deliver and delight. Check out our FAQs for more information and costs.

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Estonian subtitles for ‘Restricted Intelligence’ web series

Twist and Shout Media required Estonian subtitles for a series of web videos called ‘Restricted Intelligence’.  There were seven videos in total, including the trailer you can see here.

Twist and Shout wanted to encode the videos themselves, so once we had produced the Estonian subtitle translations, we synced them to the videos and burnt-in to an alpha channel. An alpha channel .MOV is a video file with a transparent background, and it’s carefully timed to the video, so their video editor can drop it in to their edit easily.

The main benefit of this approach is that they can continue to edit the video, and not have to return to us to re-sync the subtitles. We also produced subtitle translations in Finnish and Lithuanian.

A short history of the Estonian language

English to Estonian subtitling service

Estonian is closely related to Finnish and is a Finnic language, which is spoken by over 1 million people in Estonia.

The language contains many words from German, Latin, Greek, and English. Finnish and Estovian people are able to understand one another’s languages.

Estonia began as two different languages; North and South, which came about as separate groups of people migrated to Estonian territory at different times. The modern language has evolved mainly from the language based in northern Estonia.

Estonian literature was widely viewed between 1810 and 1820, when an author by the name of Kristjan Jaak Petersen published poems which were patriotic and philosophical. As he was the first student of a German university to proudly show off his Estonian origin, he is still revered today. His birthday on March 14th is celebrated in Estonia and is known as Mother Tongue Day.

During the Russian occupation, Estonian was taught alongside Russian, but after Estonia recovered its independence, the teaching of Russian diminished.


This video montage features a variety of subtitling projects we have completed in a number of languages.
It also shows four different ways in which the subtitles can be displayed on screen.