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English voice artist with regional accent

Helen – English voice artist with regional accent


Helen is a professional English female voice artist with regional accent (Northern).  Helen recorded her first professional VO at the age of fourteen.  Since then, much of her life has been spent interpreting other people’s words and bringing scripts and characters to life – and her pipes are still in great working order almost fifty years since that first foray behind the microphone!

She has voiced everything from: video games, animations & apps, business & training films, commercials & marketing campaigns, welcome & on hold messages and has narrated over fifty broadcast television documentaries.

Helen specialises in long form narration, working regularly in e-learning and audio-book narration.

Brought up in Nottingham and now settled in Derbyshire, as a child she was effortlessly bi-accented, switching seamlessly from RP (at home) to Nottingham (at School) and this facility for accents has remained.  Alongside RP and her native regional accent (a light Northern, East Midland mix) she can turn her hand to most British accents including West Country, Scottish, Southern Irish, Welsh – North and South; Black Country, Liverpool and London.

Helen is frequently used at Matinée for corporate voice-over and narration projects requiring English voice-over with a regional accent.

Please visit: English Regional Accent Voice Talent

Key words: Credible, Calm, Clear, Flexible, Friendly, Authoritative, Warm, Mature, Professional, Velvety, and Empathetic, English voice artist with regional accent


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