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Are you interested in becoming a voice artist/translator/subtitler for Matinée Multilingual?

Check out our FAQs to find out more…

How can I apply to be a voice talent?

We only add experienced voice artists to our database. If the language we require is in demand, the first thing we’ll want to see from you is your professional showreel, examples of previous work and your CV. Please submit downloadable demos as .MP3 or .WAV format only.

How can I apply to be a subtitler/translator?

If there is a vacancy for a certain language we’ll add it to the ‘what’s in demand’ list below. Applicants must ideally have experience in translating for voice overs and subtitles. Applicants will be provided with a subtitling test that they must pass before we can consider them.

What's in demand right now?

We are currently sourcing:

  • Japanese voice talents/subtitlers
  • Bengali voice talents
  • Hungarian voice talents
  • African voice talents
  • French speaking African voice talents
  • Caribbean voice talents
  • Somalian voice talents
  • Bahasa (Malaysian) voice talents
  • French subtitlers
  • German subtitlers

We’ll try to update this section as frequently as possible.

Do you offer any sort of training?

Yes, we have a Saturday voice over workshop  that runs once a month and is designed for beginners. However, we have seen a lot of experienced voice talents benefit from the training course too. The training takes place in Reading UK only at the moment, and all interested parties required to attend in person

Click here to learn more.

I need to update my showreel.

We offer two showreel packages that will be edited by our Audio Engineers to an industry standard. This service is available during the studio opening hours on Monday – Friday only.

  1. Audition – £100
  2. Pro – £250

Click here to see what each package includes.

If your language and skill is in demand and you wish to apply please fill the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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