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The Matinée Voice-over Scholarship

Matinée Multilingual specialise in voice-over and subtitle production and in the translation of audio, video and multimedia content, in over 80 languages.

We understand the difficulties students experience at this time in their lives, with multiple expenses for books, transport, accommodation, food and maybe even the occasional party! We would like to make life a little easier for one of you, and we are pleased to offer The Matinée Voice-over Scholarship application for 2016.

University Scholarship UK

The scholarship prize is $1000 (£700) as we think it’s important that you get as much financial support during this important yet hectic time!

The scholarship is open to students studying in the UK, USA and Canada and we will be delighted to give the financial reward to the winner in January 2017.

This opportunity will also give you a great chance to develop your writing, digital and marketing skills.

Check out the scholarship requirements and application form by clicking here.

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