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12 Ingenious Reasons Why You Should Become a Language Assistant Abroad

So you have studied your ass off for the past four years and somehow managed to surprise everyone (including yourself) by landing yourself a proper degree! Well done buddy, you got that certificate for life now.

But wait, what happens next? Education has been all you’ve ever known since you started as a little kipper in primary many moons ago. If you are not ready to grow up and be a real adult then check out this language assistant post that is open to undergraduates in languages and pretty much any graduate with a legitimate interest if you apply right.

12. If you missed out on a study abroad programme the first time then here is your second opportunity. You would honestly be nuts to miss out a second time.

11. And they actually pay you money!!

10. Those 12 hour working weeks really get exhausting

9. Did we mention all that free time to travel?

8. You have ample opportunity to become a linguistic pro – See family, It is going to benefit my already marvellous skill set #IGotSkillz

7. You make friends from all over the world – and have yet ANOTHER excuse to travel

6. All your friends are at home working 9 – 5 jobs, pfft we’ve got plenty more years to be doing that

5. You are always the good cop in the classroom since you’re not the main teacher

4. You explore cool and weird cultures and habits that you wouldn’t have believed before

3. You can be a fake Erasmus student and do what they do best – Did we mention there are now over 1million Erasmus babies (Hello future exotic partner!)

2. I regret living abroad and traveling when I was younger: SAID NO-ONE EVER

1. Exploring all the local cuisine. What? It’s culture appreciation 🙂

So if you aren’t convinced yet then all I can say is enjoy being an adult in the real world. That inbetweeney stage being a language assistant has been one of the best decisions I have ever made (That’s why I did it twice).

Now I have a full time job at Matinée Multilingual (a voice over agency) and although giving up my freedom for oh let’s say the next 40 years of my life, at least I have some incredible experiences to look back on 🙂