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Finnish voice-over and subtitling agency
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Finnish voice-over production made simple

As an established Finnish voice-over agency, Matinée has been providing a professional Finnish Voice-Over Service and Finnish Subtitling Service for over 25 years. We offer a selection of the very best Finnish voice talent, at a price you can afford.

Whether you are looking for Finnish voice-over artists for documentary, advertising, eLearning, or telephone messaging, we’ll supply the best Finnish voice talent for the job. We’ll time-sync the selected Finnish voice-over to picture, and deliver the audio back in the file format of your choice. Or, we can lay back the Finnish audio onto your video and re-work the captions where necessary.

Check out our FAQs for more information and costs. To check the availability of our Finnish voice-artists and to confirm costs, please contact us today using the quick Quote form opposite. Or you can email or call on +44(0)118 958 4934.

Voice-over selection and quotation in just three easy steps

1.   browse the voice-over demos below and click PLAY to audition each casting sample
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Finnish drug research study re-voiced by Finnish voice actors

Matinée Multilingual were chosen by Bracket to localize a version of their video production which was a series of interviews with participants in a drug research study.

Matinée were tasked with casting and recording 5 native Finnish voice actors suitable for the project.  We set to work, and put forward a list of talent for the client to choose from.  One the final 5 had been chosen, the recording sessions took place and we edited and delivered the final recordings to the client so they could finish their video edit. 

A short history of the Finnish Voiceover language

Finnish voiceover talent agencyFinnish, also known as Suomi, is a member of the Finno-Ugric branch of the Uralic language family. It is most closely related to Estonian, Hungarian, Sámi (spoken by the indigenous people of northern Finland, Sweden, Norway and northwest Russia) and various other languages spoken around the Baltic Sea.

It is believed that the Finnish people and their language originally came from the Ural Mountains in western Russia, from where they migrated to present-day Finland.

In the 12th and 13th centuries Sweden colonised Finland and made it into a Swedish province. Although Finland remained fairly autonomous, Swedish was used in Finnish government, literature and education right up until the 19th century. The country separated from Sweden in 1809, and Finnish gradually gained dominance, becoming the official language of Finland in 1863.

Today there are several Finnish dialects, which are divided into two groups – the Western dialects and the Eastern dialects. They differ in very minor ways and are almost entirely mutually intelligible. Read more

Finnish voice-over & video translation – Epson Connect

Lionbridge contracted Matinée to produce video translations for a series of videos promoting Epson Connect.  Using the supplied video source files, we first created time-coded voice-over scripts and caption files ready for Lionbridge to carry out the translations.

On receipt of the Finnish translation, we recorded the Finnish voice-over time-synced to video, with one native Finnish male voice artist, and integrated the translated Finnish captions back into the video source files.