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Voice-over recording in foreign accents are becoming increasingly popular as it becomes more important to accessForeign accent voice artist agency markets overseas. To speak to and identify with English speakers from foreign countries, it is far better to speak in their accent or dialect.

All of our foreign accent voice artists speak English with the accent of their mother tongue.  Please contact our team for advice on English voice overs read in a foreign accent.

Matinée Multilingual have been recording professional voice-overs in over 80 languages for more than 25 years, and many of our foreign voice artists speak perfect English but with a foreign accent. This give us a rich source of talent when customers ask for foreign accents read in English.

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If your required foreign language accent is not in this list, please call +44 (0)118 958 4934 for an immediate response, or email: project@matinee.co.uk and we will respond within 1 hour, and probably much sooner!

Featured foreign accent voice-over professionals

Russian voice artist Polina

Polina is a native Russian VO with many years experience presenting on Russian TV and Radio.  She has also lent her voice to countless commercials and also speaks fluent English in Russian accent. Read more...
Arabic voice artist Mohamed

Mohamed is a professional Egyptian Arabic voice over artist and has considerable experience reading scripts in Arabic as well as in English with Arabic accent. Read more...

Diane is a female American voice artist and is Mom on a mission! Trained by some of the top voice coaches in the USA, she is ready and capable to handle a wide range of voice-over projects in US accent. Read more...
Hindi voice artist Avdhesh

Avdhesh is a professional Hindi voice artist and actor based in New Delhi.  He has many years experience recording Hindi voice-overs, and also English with Indian accent as he is a fluent English speaker.. Read more...


Case Study: English read in an Indian Accent for Hotels.com

Computer Games</p> <p>Foreign Voice Montage

Hotels.com is a website for booking hotel rooms online and by telephone. The company has 85 websites in 34 languages, and lists over 325,000 hotels in approximately 19,000 locations. This is their summer holiday promotional video.

Arthi-I recorded the voice-over in English with an Indian accent after an exhaustive selection process as the client was very particular about the timbre of the voice required.

Case Study: English with a Congolese accent for Toilet Twinning Charity

Computer Games</p> <p>Foreign Voice Montage

Toilet Twinning is an initiative that provides people in poor areas of the world with toilet and clean water facilities, with the aim of improving hygiene and health. Donations pay for the installation of a toilet in family homes and local schools. The fund also helps with hygiene education to help prevent the spread of disease.

The charity contacted us for help with supplying and recording a female voice talent in English with a Congolese accent. The video shows how the provision of a toilet has helped one family and changed their lives. They chose Rita’s voice from a selection that we put forward. It is warm and caring, with a ‘motherly’ tone that matched their brief.

The recording was done to comply with strict time codes to correspond with the original film. The audio was then cleaned and edited in our studio, ready for the client to edit back to the video.

Accents from further afield

Most countries have dialects and accents used in different regions within their borders.  In the UK we use the term BBC English, for a narration in English without any discernible accent.

So if you are trying to communicate with a certain region within a foreign country, it is vital to first identify the accent or dialect spoken in that region.

At Matinée Multilingual we have a vast database of translators and voice talent built up over 25 years working in the industry. We can solve almost any accent or dialect challenge.

Can a foreign accent be learnt or mimicked?

Generally the answer to this question is no. To be authentic, it is safer to use a native speaker from the region or country concerned. But there is an obvious problem here because we don’t know if the speakers accent is authentic or not.

This problem gets worse if we are being asked to produce recordings in a foreign language, but in a regional accent. We don’t speak the language, and we definitely can’t differentiate between different regional accents within that language. Not many people can.

So our advice is always to use a trusted voice talent, who has a track record of producing voice recordings in their own language. They can then be trusted to produce recordings in English but with the accent of their country, with very little possibility of offending the listener.22.12.16