The 2017 Matinée Multilingual Annual College Scholarship

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University Scholarship UK

Award: $1,000 or equivalent

Deadline: 5th January 2018


Brief Background on Company

At Matinée Multilingual, we adapt existing video content into over 80 different languages. This process is more commonly known as video localization. We’ll take your existing video content and transcribe the existing audio, and arrange translation into your target languages. Next, we’ll either record a new voice-over track in whatever language(s) are required, or add subtitles. We can also translate and replace captions within the video. Finally we’ll output the new video files in whatever format is required.


Background on our Scholarship

We understand the struggle students experience with expenses on books, transport, accommodation, food and even the odd social event. We would be delighted to help ease that financial struggle, and are pleased to offer our annual Matinée Multilingual Scholarship for 2017.


Our 2017 Matinée Scholarship winner is Lewis Wan from BCIT in Canada


Lewis Wan scholarship winner


The 2016 Scholarship winner was Nia Riviears from University of Alabama

2016 Matinée Scholarship Winner


This Matinée Scholarship opportunity is open to any student enrolled in an accredited college or university in the USA, Canada or the United Kingdom.


To apply for this scholarship, each applicant must submit a 250 – 500 word blog post on the following topic:

How does video enhance the user experience on a webpage?

Discuss your ideas on the subject with regard to the user experience and level of engagement. You may want to discuss the benefits for non-English speaking audiences, and for users with learning difficulties.  What are the benefits of hearing information, as opposed to reading information on a screen?


To apply for our scholarship – complete your application here